Airwolf 3D introduces adhesive for 3D printing of nylon

3D-Printing-Nylon-Adhesive-2-300x2793D printer manufacturer Airwolf 3D has introduced a new adhesive solution, called Wolfbite NITRO™, designed to bond Nylon-based parts to the 3D print bed and to allow their smooth release when completed.

For parts that are Nylon and Nylon Alloy/Polymer based, Wolfbite NITRO™ allows users to bond parts to glass or ceramic printing surfaces without warpage, and to enable smooth release of objects after printing. The product works with any 3D printer equipped with a heated bed that utilizes glass or ceramic printing surfaces.

”For the first time, 3D printer users can directly print Nylon on glass substrates. We’re extremely proud to have developed the first solution capable of effectively bonding Nylon to glass and ceramic build surfaces,” said Erick Wolf, co-founder, Airwolf 3D. ”The result is that users will see substantial improvement in the output of their Nylon 3D printed projects when using Wolfbite NITRO™.”

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