Diyouware launches TwinTeeth Plus, aluminum-built upgrade to PCB mini-factory/3D printer


The original TwinTeeth, an open source, multi-purpose PCB manufacturing device from Spanish firm Diyouware, has been a unique machine since it was launched early in 2015. From its triangular footprint to fixed tool/moving bed approach to its versatility to be used for many different functions, there is no other device quite like it.

Now, Diyouware has launched a new, mostly-aluminum version called the TwinTeeth Plus for improved stability, precision and easier assembly. In addition to the metal construction, the TwinTeeth Plus includes other enhancements such as a simplified method of installing ToolHeads, adjustable legs, and an improved linear motion system.

Because you can easily change the tooling, the device can be used for a variety of functions including:

  • UV Laser photoengraving
  • Drilling using a mini-rotary tool like Dremel®
  • Dispensing solder paste
  • Plotting circuits with a permanent marker
  • 3D printing knobs, casings, front-panels, or circuits with conductive filament
  • Milling or carving soft materials

The TwinTeeth Plus Framework Kit is priced at 550 Euros. Details at


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