Dremel Idea Builder 2.0 now available for pre-order

UPDATE (May 20): It appears that Dremel has started shipping the Idea Builder 2.0 earlier than the June 15 date previously stated. The 3D printer is currently in stock on Amazon.com.

Dremel’s next generation 3D printer, the Dremel Idea Builder 2.0, is set to launch on June 15, 2016 and is now available for pre-order from Amazon.com.

When Dremel launched the Idea Builder in early 2014, it was the first entry into the 3D printer market by a manufacturer already well known for other products. The original Idea Builder targeted casual hobbyists and educators with a focus on ease of setup and use. The Dremel Idea Builder 2.0 continues this tradition while adding some advanced features.

One of the most interesting new capabilities is the Quick Level guided leveling system that claims to make the print bed leveling process much easier. While the print leveling process on the original Idea Builder was not bad, improvements in this area are always welcome as it is so key to print quality.

The Dremel Idea Builder 2.0 also boasts a larger print area, although the exact build size has not been disclosed at this time. New also is the advanced extruder design that features an active filament monitoring system, although Dremel’s proprietary filament cartridges will still be required.

While the original Idea Builder was limited to USB or an SD card to communicate with the 3D printer, the new Dremel Idea Builder 2.0 is Wi-Fi enabled for wireless printing.

The Dremel Ideal Builder 2.0 includes Autodesk Print Studio software for designing and editing models. The new 3D printer includes the intuitive, full-color touchscreen that was one of the best features of the 1.0 version.

The new model is priced around $300 higher than the original Idea Builder, but the added capabilities may make it worth the price especially for educators and casual hobbyists.

Included with the Idea Builder 2.0 are the machine itself, instruction manual, quick start guide, USB flash drive, spool of filament, power cable, USB cable, build sheet, two rolls of build tape, object removal tool and unclog tool.

More info on Amazon.com.

Dremel 3D40-01 Idea Builder 2.0 3D Printer, Wi-Fi Enabled with Guided Leveling

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  • Quick and easy set-up with Quick Level guided 2-point semi-auto leveling, for fast and accurate calibration
  • Wi-Fi enabled for remote printing through new Dremel 3D app or through spark software
  • New Dremel build software and innovative extruder with active filament monitoring protects against failed builds and ensures successful prints
  • Advanced motion control minimizes noise
  • Excellent safety and support - highly rated customer service
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