e-NABLE launches community design challenge

A few example designs (Photo credit: e-NABLE)

e-NABLE is a great community that promotes the creation of 3D printed hands and arms for those in need. The community has delivered over 1,500 hands, mostly to children, in more than 40 countries. Now they’ve launched a monthly challenge to inspire members of the community to come up with new ideas and designs.

The “CREATE T.I.M.E. (Think. Imagine. Make. e-NABLE.)” challenge asks participants to create useful task-specific tools and fun designs that can be attached to the Python Utility Hand. The idea is that users can easily switch out tools as needed.

Some starter ideas shared by e-NABLE include:

  • Nail polish brush holder
  • Toothbrush holder
  • Paint brush/Marker/crayon holder
  • Guitar/Ukelele pick holder
  • Drum stick holder
  • Swimming fin
  • Hair dryer holder
  • Video game controller holder
  • Cell phone holder
  • Utensil holder
  • Bow and arrow holder
  • Pickle jar opener
  • Juice box holder
  • Jump rope  holder
  • Fishing pole holder
  • Pizza cutter holder

Contest sponsor Axislab3D is putting up some prizes for the monthly winners, who will be determined by a panel of children and adults currently using e-NABLE devices.

Challenge details at enablingthefuture.org.


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