Feeling ambitious? Attempt this 3D printed tower of pi project in honor of pi day.

March 14 has become known as pi day, in honor of the irrational mathematical constant that starts with 3.14. If you would like to combine your passion for math with your passion for 3D printing, we have just the project for you.

Designer Roman Hegglin has created the tower of pi, a cylindrical structure that incorporates the first 1,200 digits of pi (there is a smaller version with only 600 digits as well). If you’re using a FDM printer, you will probably want to try the version that has a wall behind the digits for extra support.

You can adjust the size of the tower, but regardless of how big you choose to make it we can guarantee that the ratio of the circumference to the diameter will be roughly 3.14159.

Full project details and source files at Thingiverse. For extra credit, try the XXL version that includes 4,820 digits.

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