Hyrel 3D releases syringe-based extruder for gels, pastes and liquids

Hyrel_SDS-30_ISO_InstalledHyrel 3D has introduced a new Syringe Delivery System (SDS) line of extruders for use with the company’s own 3D printers. The new extruders allow users to print many types of material directly from syringes. The syringes can be easily swapped out by the user to quickly change materials.

The company says the new SDS line is ideal for cost-effective 3D printing  in biological, mechanical, medical and electronic applications.

Syringes range in size from 100 microliters to 60cc. They can dispense thousands of materials with nano-liter resolution, including:

  • Bio-gels and liquids used for bioplotting;
  • Proteins, steroids, and PEG gels;
  • RGB materials;
  • Conductive pastes and liquids.

“The SDS opens up the unrestricted sourcing of chemicals for 3D printing — you’re no longer restricted to what suppliers will sell you,” Hyrel Chief Technology Office Karl Gifford said. “It’s ideal for people that want to develop cost-effective applications in numerous fields.”

The cost of the extruders start at $400 for a basic single print head.

Full story at Hyrel3D.com.


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