Nine 3D printed gifts that will make your valentine’s heart extrude love

If you’ve been too busy messing around with your new 3D printer to realize that Valentine’s Day is right around the corner, listen up. Here are some cool and unique 3D printing projects that will be sure to melt your true love’s heart.

Heart Gears


If your true love enjoys interlocking gears (and who doesn’t!) here is a way to bring together the joys of machinery with the symbol of Valentine’s Day, the heart. These cool heart gears, from maker Emmet Lalish, come in a variety of gear ratios.

Full design download at Thingiverse.

Heart Jewelry Box


If you’re looking for something more traditional, this heart-shaped box might do the trick. Designer alienkim created this nifty little box that could be used for jewelry or any number of smallish items.

Available for download at Pinshape.

Heart-Shaped Box #2


Here is a different heart-shaped box that might tickle her fancy. This one, from artist Christopher Walker, has an ornate design on the side and a handy knob to easily grip the box top.

Download it at Thingiverse.

Heart-Shaped iPhone Stand


Who doesn’t love their iPhone? Now your sweetie will think of you every time he puts his phone down or picks it up off of the desk, thanks to this handy heart-shaped iPhone stand.

Designed by PTibemo, the files can be downloaded at Pinshape.

iPhone 6 Case

iPhone case

Speaking of iPhones, here is a cool, love-themed case created with the ZETOFF app. The case, which can be customized with the app, is designed for an iPhone 6.

STL file available for download at YouMagine.

Love Skull

Skull Heart

Nothing says eternal love like a pink skull with heart-shaped eye sockets and nose opening and “My Eternal Love” engraved on the cranium. Show her how much you care by printing this beautiful 3D love skull from maker Guillermo Empinado.

Available at My Mini Factory.

Heart Light


This beautiful and intricate heart light will take some skills to do well, but if you really love her I think you’re up for it. Designer shiuan created this very cool project.

Download it at Thingiverse.

Intertwined Heart Vase

Heart vase

This romantic, intertwined heart vase will be sure to fool her into thinking you are a classy fella. For bonus points be sure to break out the wallet and spring for some flowers to go inside.

The design, from VectorFinesse, is available at Youmagine.

Love Cuffs

Love Cuffs

If you’ve given up trying to convince your mate that you are classy and are looking for something a bit on the naughty side, these love cuffs might be just the thing. An important note: These are not for official police use.

DesignerFred has created this design and made it available at My Mini Factory.


  1. Tina R February 9, 2016 at 9:18 am

    These are great…I’m torn between the love skull & the phone holder!

  2. Emma B February 9, 2016 at 11:52 am

    Very well done

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