ReDeTec introduces new product for recycling plastic waste into 3D filament

Canadian startup ReDeTec has introduced a machine called the ProtoCycler that turns plastic waste into 3D printer filament. The ProtoCycler is fully automated and is able to create filament at up to 10 feet a minute, at industry leading tolerances, in any color. It utilizes a built-in grinder, distributed spooling and intelligent computer control with real time dynamic feedback.

The device, which can be preordered today, does not come cheap at an introductory price of $700. However, if the company’s claims as to ease of use and quality of the finished product prove to be true, the ProtoCycler would pay for itself after somewhere around 15 to 20 spools of filament. And you can feel good about helping the environment.

Full story at Atmel.


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