Type A Machines introduces ProMatte, next generation PLA filament

3D printer maker Type A Machines has introduced a new PLA-based filament that the company says is extraordinarily lightweight, has a beautiful finish, yet is still strong compared to similar lightweight materials.

Type A Machines collaborated with Polymaker on the new material, branded ProMatte. The company says that the material has many applications including industrial design, artwork, architecture, and any other area where weight savings or a beautiful finish are important.

In addition to being lightweight and providing a nice finish, ProMatte is easy to sand and paint. It comes on a clear spool, allowing users to see exactly how much material remains.

The new filament does not come cheap at $58 for a half kilogram roll (230 meters in length). Because the material is lighter, the high cost is partially offset by providing greater length per kilogram. For comparison, a half kilogram of standard PLA filament is around 200 meters in length.

ProMatte is available for purchase from the Type A Machines website.


Photos: Type A Machines



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